[Swift 2] Day 8 - Code Exercise Solution


Please share your code or answers with your classmates for the Day 8 Code Exercise and related Notebook Activity questions.

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Only use code or watch video solution if you’re unsure how to solve or get stuck. It’s better to attempt writing the code first.


// Add comment code block in pauseGameplay() function

func pauseGameplay() {
    self.physicsWorld.speed = 0
    self.asteroidLayer.paused = true
    self.gameplayPaused = true

    // Add fade actions
    let fadeOutAction = SKAction.fadeOutWithDuration(1)
    let fadeInAction = SKAction.fadeInWithDuration(1)
    let fadeActionSequence = SKAction.sequence([fadeOutAction, fadeInAction])
    let fadeAnimation = SKAction.repeatActionForever(fadeActionSequence)
    // End Add face actions

    self.playerShip.runAction(fadeAnimation, withKey: "FadeAnimation")

// Add comment code block in unpauseGameplay() function

func unpauseGameplay() {

    self.physicsWorld.speed = 1
    self.asteroidLayer.paused = false
    self.gameplayPaused = false
    // Remove fade actions and set alpha back to 1
    self.playerShip.alpha = 1
    // End Remove fade actions and set alpha back to 1

If you also want to fade in/out asteroids, you have to add another action for asteroidLayer and comment out the asteroidLayer.paused = true statement in pauseGameplay() function.


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Thanks @ravenshore, I’ve changed the privacy and it should be OK later!


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