[Swift 1] Day 19 - Code Exercise Solution


Please share your code or answers with your classmates for the Day 19 Code Exercise and related Notebook Activity questions.

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Only use code or watch video solution if you’re unsure how to solve or get stuck. It’s better to attempt writing the code first.


Hi here is my version. I tried to make another segue that shows the sliders to change the hue, saturation and alpha. I could change the colour of the new screen to the background colour but when I returned it would remove the view controllers background colour.

Github code


A navigation controller object manages the currently displayed screens using the navigation stack, which is represented by an array of view controllers. It provides a drill-down interface for hierarchical content.

The tab bar controller creates and manages the tab bar view and also manages the view controllers that provide the content view for each mode

The built-in Photos app, YouTube, and Contacts. They’re all built using Navigation Controller to display hierarchical content

A tab bar gives people the ability to switch between different subtasks, views, or modes in an app. So anything with alternate screens.

Tab bar is at the bottom and navigation bar is at the top?


Here’s the homework

I’ve used tap gesture to transfer and send value to pick color page’s variables.

I tried to use custom UIView but can’t find the appropriate way to pass custom
view’s instance variables such as color to its ViewController.