[Swift 1] Day 12 - App Store Success Questions


Answer the questions from the Day 12 notebook activity.

If you have an app that you want to build, now is the time to start thinking about it. Post any questions or thoughts here.


Would it be way over our heads to look into connecting to a remote SQL DB via API and manipulating it ?



Right now it’s a little too much, you need to learn how to display table based content to show multiple items on the screen.

A local database might make more sense to start in this course, since there are security implications for having direct access to a database in your app.

You’ll want to use something like http://CloudMine.me which makes it simple to store data in the cloud. I have plans to teach it in the 3rd course.


Sounds good. Just to give you an idea, what I am looking at is an app that uses the camera to scan a barcode and then lets you manipulate that barcode entry on a DB. Most likely the DB will be in an intranet via WiFi. Also the app should have credentials verified against a table in the DB.


Ok. I want to build an app and release it by December this year.

After watching that awesome panel and videos of App Making: The Definitive Guide To Designing & Marketing Successful Apps (BTW really good guide), I’m trying to answer the following questions (or at least parts of them):

  1. Describe your app idea in ONE sentence.
  2. Who is the potential user? When you tell the idea to them, is it clearly valuable to them? Do they get excited about it?
  3. What are the competing apps, if any? Can you create a better user experience than competing apps?
  4. What’s the vacuum? Is there a hole in the market for your app?
  5. What’s the business model? How much money the app needs to make to be a sustainable business? Or how much you would like to make?

This is my first draft. Would you take a look and criticise? Feedbacks will be highly appreciated. :smile:

123: Human-friendly budget app from Fernando Fernandes

Like Jeremy Olson mentioned:

Stop building apps. Start building businesses.


I have a company that makes hair dye (Apps are a hobby as I love them). So I wanted to make an app that would do the following:
Allow a user to take a photo of themselves and colour their hair with our colour chart. They would be able to share this with their friends and also be able to go directly to the sales website to purchase it. The app allows them to see how they look with different hair colours.

So I know how to set up a basic app with the labels/ ui elements/ and some code to connect ext but I don’t know:
how to select an area on the photo.
how to have a table to show the colours to choose from.
how to apply the colour to the photo.
how to share this (although I can see how its done on different videos and it doesn’t look too hard).

So the app would be free and all parts would be free. The extra traffic to our website and possible sales on the hair colour would fund it.

I think regarding in app purchases that there is a big problem where you are changing a game design to try and have some mechanism to get money (coins etc). I think its easier and more pure to have no monetising in the game as the focus is on the games model only. However you have to make money to pay the mortgage so it has to be a balance of purism vs money.

I haven’t played clash of clans or candy crush. I should as I have heard they are very very well made. I don’t mind paying for utility in app purchases. So evernote / tripit subscription etc but I won’t pay for coins.

Animations I think are cool/good:
Let them now they pressed a button or that something they did actually worked.
Walkthrough animations that help illustrate the story.
Animations that then go further for delight. e.g. path has tons of extra animations that are unnoticeable to many people but to some are just magnificent. (I love the website pattrn for that stuff).

For my app idea I think for the hair colour change to look good and not just an ms paint colour overlay. The hair line selection to be easy and (if possible automatic).

The Fantastical is actually fantastic now I have looked. ITS ÂŁ29.99 on the Mac store!!! seriously who pays that much?
why its so good.

  1. looks like the actual apple calendar but functionally rich.
  2. has features the others don’t
  3. It is so well thought out with every screen having some really nice details (even the today calendar feed looks amazing on iPhone).
  4. It has lots of good reviews which makes people automatically trust that it will be good.

Yes its much better am tempted to get it but the icon really is awful.